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Chapter 601- Emperor's request to meet

Not long later, the video was posted.

I had to wait to find out the reaction so I went to repair my equipment and get potions.

After which I met Lin Xi on the square.

She was riding the elegant White Deer and was in silver armor.

Along with her top beauty, she attracted everyone’s attention.

I walked forwards and said, “Did you try the skills”

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“Not yet, do you want to be its target” She smiled.

“Sure, lay the flag.”


“Pata”, a duel blood flag appeared beside us.

I entered Darkness Transformation and lightning surged around me.

I held the White Deer Dagger and Seven Star Blade and looked really handsome.

I smiled, “I won’t block, come on!”


Lin Xi rode White Deer forwards and sliced twice--



En, her basic attacks towards me basically all did above ten thousand damage.

After testing those two swords, the White Deer charged and knocked my chest to deal 30 thousand damage.

Lin Xi raised her sword and an ancient totem covered my head, dealing 60 thousand damage.


I frowned, “You can deal 60 thousand damage to me even in Darkness State, you can basically deal over 100 thousand to others.

This Ancient Totem definitely can insta kill others.”


Lin Xi smiled, “Horn Stab’s damage is around 300%, Ancient Totem is around 600%, they really are strong.

After getting the White Deer, my overall damage increased by over 50%, which is quite surprising.”

I nodded and deactivated the state, “Lin Xi, I posted on the forums.

Help me push it, your reply will definitely be hot.”

“I replied already.” She smiled.


I clicked on the post and as expected, in just ten minutes there was a whole lot of replies--

Hot Reply (Player Lin Xi): Capturing the White Deer single handedly, why would he need Swallow Soul My Lu Li is the most handsome, no one can doubt him! (4102 likes)

Hot Reply (Player Fengxian): Hahaha, Seven proves himself! Who is that Dragonrider Hall clowns come out.

Wines and Poems Peng Haoren Come out and battle Seven! (3172 likes)

Hot Reply (Yanshi Wuxing): Damn… This is too strong, using mechanics to dodge so many skills, July Wildfire… So overpowered, he had 0 stacks at all, he really used his skill to get the first kill… (2923 likes)

Hot reply (Mundane Slaughter): Nothing much to say, just here to learn skills… (1722 likes)

Hot Reply (Eastern Skill Soldier): Same.


Hot Reply (Ghostwalker): Eastern Skill Soldier learn your head! (1112 likes)

Hot Reply (Happy Little Brother): Damn! I just had breakfast and when I came online I see this from Lin Xi! (982 likes)


I looked at all the replies and Lin Xi’s one was still the most touching.

I raised my head and looked at her, “Lin Xi, can I reply kiss me wifey”

Lin Xi’s face flushed red, “Nonsense… What are you saying, Shen Mingxuan will kill us....”


I sucked in a deep breath, “Change the topic, now Shen Mingxuan is my biggest opponent!”

Lin Xi smiled, “Lu Li, will you level with me later I will use Ancient Totem and help you level--”

“No no.”

I shook my head, “Dragon Region is still rebuilding, I need to go help out.

I probably won’t have much time to level with you recently.”

“En, okay then---”

She smiled, “Then I will bring Shen Mingxuan to level!”

“En, I am heading to Dragon Region!”


I crushed the city return scroll I bought from the Dragon Region store and appeared on a square that had just been built in Dragon Region.

This place was mountains before and when the Source Dragon awakened, this place was pretty much leveled out.

Now it had turned into a canyon and it could even be called Dragon Canyon.

The square was built not long ago and the stone steps were new.

Many workers came to and fro.

I turned around and walked towards the all, it had already been completed.

At that moment, an undead cavalry headed forwards, “July Wildfire, Lady Yun Yue is waiting for you in the Dragon Region Hall.”

“Oh, I will be right there.”

I ran right into the hall, it was really simple inside and there was a small meeting room within.

Lady Yun Yue was in a silver armor and her cape fluttered in the wind.

Beside her was Lin Mu, Zhang Xiaoshan, Lin Fengnian and also another familiar person.

Master Ding Heng was back!”

“Senior Sister! Master!”

I bowed towards Ding Heng.

“Good good good---”

Ding Heng smiled, “Long time no see, I didn’t expect you to grow so much, I am so happy!”


I didn’t deny anything.

In truth, my strength had increased a lot during this period, there was no need for me to be humble.

“Junior brother.”

Yun Yue looked at me and smiled, “Not long later, something big is about to happen.”


I was stunned, “What Senior Sister wants to get married”


She clenched her fists and holy energy wrapped around them like she was trying to resist hitting me, “Today, not long later, the human emperor Xuanyuan Ying will bring White Cloak Minister Feng Buwen and the three dukes to visit and meet the Saint Dragon.

In their words, the human race is here to visit the saint.”


I smiled, “That is a good thing, even Longwu Emperor is here which means that they are sincere, we can get closer to them too.”


Yun Yue smiled, “We have the Dimension Legion army in the north, Blood Dynasty in the east, the centaurs in the west.

If we don’t get close to the humans, we won’t have enough resources much less build an army.”


At that moment, an undead cavalry rode his horse in, “Lady Yun Yue, Xuanyuan Empire’s team has arrived, should we receive them!”

“No need.”

She smiled, “Let’s meet them in the valley, after all, they are here to meet Sir Saint Dragon.”


“Let’s go, let’s head out.”


We walked out and not far away, we could hear horse hoof sounds.

The bunch of them rode in and protected the important people in the middle.

From afar, Xuanyuan Ying, Feng Buwen, Guan Yang etc were walking.

The difference was that Xuanyuan Ying was wearing a dragon robe and looked like an emperor.

He probably wanted to show off his aura so that it shows respect to the Source Dragon.

After all, the Source Dragon was an ancestor of this world.

“Greetings Lady Yun!”

Xuanyuan Ying walked forwards and cupped his fists, “I didn’t expect Xuanyuan Yu to…”


When mentioning about him, Senior Sister Yun’s gaze darkened, “Thank you Your Majesty for remembering him.

This way, I will lead you all to the back mountain, that is the resting place of Sir Source Dragon.”

“Okay, thank you!”

Xuanyuan Ying adjusted his clothing and looked towards the back mountain respectfully.

Feng Buwen brushed past me and smiled, “July Wildfire, I heard people describe the battle.

I didn’t expect you to dare to attack someone like Soora, I am really impressed!”

I smiled awkwardly, “Minister Feng is too polite…”

He laughed and walked with Xuanyuan Ying.

Guan Yang smiled at me and then was Winter Sun City’s second army general Wang Shuang.

This general recognised me and cupped his fists and me, “Little brother, long time no see, seems like we will have chances to battle together in the future!”

I nodded, “En, sir is right!”

“Let’s go, to the back mountain.”

Ding Heng rubbed his beard, “Little fellow, follow us.”

“Yes Master!”


We walked along the path and after crossing a mountain, an altar appeared.

On it was a figure resting there, it was of the White Dragon.

Its body was disappearing, who knew what the reason was, maybe that its strength was used up.

If not, with its powers it could easily wipe out the northern region.


Xuanyuan Ying knelt down right away and his legs pressed on the ground, “Human Race Emperor Xuanyuan , my title is Longwu Emperor, Xuanyuan Ying greets you!”

It actually called him its men!

I was shocked, Sour White Dragon was so strong that it was the only supreme ruler!


“Xuanyuan Ying.”

The white dragon opened its eyes and it was eyes that felt like the stars were in it, like it could see through the rules of the world, “As the human race emperor, you should help the humans pick a side and go against evil!”

“Yes Sir Saint Dragon!”

Xuanyuan Ying nodded, “I will remember your teachings!”


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