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Chapter 1322- Kill Azure

“Cha cha…”

Devilish flames shot out from the wound of Azure.

Slowly, his chest actually formed a weird armor.

Dark purple light started to gather and the sword was actually broken from within.

Frost was forced back and she spat out blood.

Queen Zhi Shu’s face was filled with shock, “Star Armor, oh my god, this bastard also stepped into Star Region…”

Azure laughed out loud arrogantly and pulled out the half broken blade, “With your cultivation, you want to kill me Stop dreaming.

Zhi Shu you don’t even know your place, do you think you are a real god Let me tell you, in my eyes, you are just a bug, you are so far from being a god!”

Zhi Shu didn’t retreat and turned into dragon form.

Red scales covered her body.

She slapped Azure’s Star Armor but her claws were shattered and blood flowed.

As expected, in terms of strength, Azure was far above her.


Azure hollered and spread his hands to form a giant demon palm.

He grabbed Zhi Shu’s

Wings and pulled.

“Pu chi” the giant wing was actually pulled down.

Zhi Shu cried out in pain.

The Dragon God couldn’t fight Azure at all.


Frost calmed herself down and charged with her broken sword.

Stars shone on it and she actually forced Azure back.

The Star Armor on his chest had some cracks on them.

He lowered his head and looked shocked, “How is that possible, your strength, how is that possible…”

Frost gritted her teeth, “You used your strength to summon ten Magma Demons this is the price.

If you had all your strength, I might not be your match but you have to die today!”

Frost held up her right arm and shouted, “Star Fall!”

Another new Star Region skill.

The sky turned into darkness and the entire continent pretty much turned to the night sky because of that attack.

Many stars gathered above us.

Frost’s body shook and her arm was suffering from recoil.

Her vessels exploded and blood flowed but she was still gritting her teeth and trying to hold on.

Zhi Shu was back to human form and her entire right arm was ripped off.

She looked at Frost and said, “Don’t lose but don’t die…”


A star descended and hit Azure’s chest to deal a shockwave that swept the area.

Light shot up and Azure cried out, “I won’t get killed like this, stop dreaming Frost!”

His Star Armor collapsed and he was using his body to block Frost.

Seven Star Falls hit his shoulder, arms and chest and it was now bloody.

But the strongest demon wasn’t so easily defeated.

He continued to roar and he moved as fast as light!


His halberd struck and Frost retreated.

A deep wound appeared on her shoulder and blood flowed.

Azure’s positioning started to flicker.

Frost could only open her eyes to sense the energy around, “Here!”

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Another star fell and hit an empty land but Azure cried out.

This was the first time he was fighting Frost, it was a battle between gods!


Speed and senses, at this point, they were relying on these two points.

Even Frost started moving while holding up the stars but each time there would be a new wound on her body.

She had no strength to form Frost ARmor and each attack from Azure would add a new injury.

Very quickly, Frost couldn’t figure out where Azure was.

Many Star Falls missed.

Azure laughed in glee, “What happened Frost, is this your limit Haha, you are the hope of the humans.

The emperors of the seven kingdoms think you can protect their world.

You are like a useless dog, why, are you about to die”

I used God Form but I couldn’t help.

Each time I tried to charge forwards, I couldn’t even see his afterimage.

Maybe he didn’t even care about me at all.


Zhi Shu looked at me and said, “Xiao Yao, we can’t wait anymore…”

“I know!”

I raised Star Shield and an evil power struck from the right.

Star Shield was broken right away.

Azure’s halberd struck and pierced my overlord armor, dealing 700 thousand damage, how terrifying!

I couldn’t dodge or I would lose track of him!

I resisted the pain and grabbed the halberd.

Butterfly used Wind Carrying Slash and it hit his body but the damage was too low and couldn’t deal with this boss.

Frost said, “Xiao Yao, don’t, my Star Power will injure you…”

So her star power attacked everyone and didn’t differentiate between allies.

I drank a health potion and said loudly, “It is okay, just attack, we can’t let Azure hurt you or you might die.

Don’t worry, I have a treasure, I won’t die!”

I activated Invincible Body!

But Azure’s attacks seem to ignore invincibility and could deal 300 thousand damage to me.

At the same time, Frost’s Star Fall descended too and five stars landed.

The ground was shaking.

Luckily I had invincibility and her skills were ineffective against me.

“Ah ah ah…”

Azure’s weapon was held by me and he couldn’t move so he cried out.

His body started to collapse.

He was at his limit.

From the outside, a cold arrow shot in.

Lanais was finally in the storm.

She raised her bow and fired four shots that made Azure’s health drop again.

I continued to attack and maintained my damage.

Although I couldn’t use the double handed sword style efficiently with just one hand, but it was enough.

“Damn brat!”

Azure hollered in rage and actually released the halberd.

He didn’t even want his weapon.

He waved and a blood light gathered.

He was actually attacking Lanais, “Traitor die!”


Blood exploded and Lanais lay in a pool of blood.

Just one strike and she was covered in wounds.

She knelt down and her face was ashen white but she still grabbed her bow.

She said, “Azure, I am redeeming my sins.

As for you, you are just a demon, you are!...

You are an animal!”

She shot three more and this time it was even more powerful, it pierced both Azure and I.

I looked at my chest as the arrow pierced through.

Fortunately, my invincibility still had five seconds!


I started to count down.

I grabbed his wrist while using Strength of a Thousand Men THundering Heavens Dragon Totem while shouting, “I can’t hold on anymore, kill him now!”

Lanais knelt on the floor and used her arms to pull her bow completely.

Three blue arrows gathered.

Frost bit her teeth and floated in mid air.

Stars gathered to form a chain around her body.

It was Star Chain, her strongest technique but it was one that consumed her life force.


Azure hollered in rage and used his palm as a blade, “You ants want to kill me Break!”


A crisp sound spread from my left arm, so painful.

Damn, my entire arm was sliced off.

The system showed that I couldn’t use it for 10 minutes.

This was the handicapped effect of the system.

Luckily I was a player and it could recover in ten minutes!

A dragon roared as two dragon powers danced and wrapped around me.

Even Twin Dragons was triggered.

Azure raised his arm and slapped my chest, “Die!”

I didn’t retreat and got close instead.

I wrapped around him and used Blade Rush!


A surprising thing happened, the top Boss’s strike was actually dodged by my movement.

I saved my own life! Seven Star Teleportation landed and I was 40 yards away.

Lanais’s arrow had now pierced his chest but it didn’t shoot through.

The three arrows shone bright and were waiting to explode.

At that moment, Frost’s Star Chains descended.

Azure couldn’t move at all as they wrapped around him.

Frost looked at Lanais and the latter nodded!



A giant explosion with Azure as the center.

The shockwave swept me who was hundred meters out and I could only use Star Shield to block.

At the same time, I drank a health potion if not I would get insta killed.

Frost was so strong but she couldn’t differentiate between friend and foe.

Sometimes it was too inhumane!


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