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While I was hesitating, suddenly someone appeared from my side.

“Can I give it a try”

It was Cedric.

No, but what about your shop if you’re standing here

Maya also looked at Cedric and me with a slightly bewildered look, then nodded his head.

It was a sign of permission.

Then Cedric, with a confident expression, took his hammer and smashed the pottery cup with all his might.

Inwardly, I expected the porcelain shards to be scattered all over the place with a sound of ‘Clang!’ or ‘Crash!’

There was only a slight crackle and a small chirping sound.

When I opened my tightly closed eyes without realizing it, I could see the children watching with surprise faces.

“What, it really doesn’t break Even though I hit it very hard.”

Cedric looked at Maya and the pottery alternately with eyes of greatness.

However, Maya, the owner of the pottery, seemed a little perplexed.

“…… There are cracks.”

“Isn’t that strong enough pottery”

At my question, Maya sighed.

“This is magic pottery, so it doesn’t even crack.

Lord Cedric must be very strong.

You said you were a knight, right”

Saying that, Maya smiled despondently.

After the interesting spectacle was over, the other children went back to their shop.

And belatedly, I despaired as I looked at the cracked pottery.

‘Hey, wait a minute.

Come to think of it, I liked this pottery, so I was going to buy it!’

Maya glanced at me as if recognizing it.

“Did you mean to buy this cup”

“Oh, right.

That flower pattern is beautiful.

But what if it’s cracked…….”

I drink a glass of warm milk every morning, and I’ve been paying attention to it because I thought it would be good to drink it with that glass.

Maya, who heard me, was a little confused, and then he whispered to me in only a small voice.

“Come to think of it, I have another identical cup at home.”



Shall I bring it tomorrow Or, would you like to go with me after kindergarten is over today”

I pondered for a moment at Maya’s suggestion.

Come to think of it, except at Alice’s house, I was invited to visit the kindergarten children’s houses once.

‘I’m also curious about Maya’s house.’

Since he was a child who originally lived in the kingdom, the house he is living in now is like a temporary villa.

Still, since we are friends in the same kindergarten, I wanted to visit the house at least once.

“Yes, good.”

So I nodded.

* * *

“Wow, this is…… !”

After about half a day.

After kindergarten, the place I went to was Maya’s villa, not the marquis.

Judging by the fact that the surrounding area was covered with verdant vegetation, it seemed that the villa was located closer to the outskirts than the center of the capital.

“Well, let’s get off.

We’re there.”

I returned my carriage and came with Maya’s carriage.

It was a little awkward at first, but as we talked about various things along the way, we became quite friendly.

I took Maya’s outstretched hand and got off the carriage.

I expected a two-story or three-story wooden mansion, but the building in front of me was unexpected.

It was a simple, quiet, one-story house made of red bricks.

However, contrary to the size of the house, a huge yard was spread out.

The whole area felt like the yard of the villa Maya lived in.

In addition, there was a fairly wide stream between the mountain and the villa.

The water was very clear and the water surface was sparkling silver.

“…… What a wonderful vacation home!”

It was so wonderful that I wished I had a villa in a place like this.

Maya answered my cry with a slightly embarrassed expression.

“Thanks for the compliment.

Then let’s go in.”


I followed Maya into the villa.

“You’re here, Master Maya It seems that this Lady is your close friend.


Upon entering, an old gentleman greeted us.

It seemed that he was the butler who managed this villa.

Heading to his room, Maya explained to me about the villa.

“Since the villa is small, there are few employees.

The butler and the knight you met earlier.

And there’s only one maid and one servant.

There is no cook for the meal, so the butler prepares it.”

“Are there any other people living with you Family or…….”

I did not speak, but quickly blurted the end of my words.

It was because Maya’s expression looked a little depressed when he heard my words.

‘Don’t bring this up!’

Maya appeared as an extra in the original story.

Therefore, there was no explanation of his family relations in the original story.

Because of that, I thought about it casually, but it must have been a bad question for Maya.

After a little hesitation, Maya answered immediately.

“…… family, um.

I only have my father.

Because my mother died long ago.

I have no brothers, I am the only child.”

“Sorry for asking a stupid question…….”

I muttered in a small voice.

Then Maya shook his head.

“No, it’s okay.

It’s a story that most people know anyway, and I’m sure I’ll tell you one day.”

Without saying that, Maya looked out the window in the hallway for a moment.

All I could see outside the window were trees.

A dense forest.


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