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Of course, it was all bluff, but Natasha completely believed it.

When did you have that kind of relationship

‘This will cause another setback in our plan.’ Natasha smirked secretly.

‘It’s a good setback!’

A few years ago, a hole in the Marquis’ business had left them with a large debt.

Meanwhile, the Marquis accidentally met Cade Blkanov, who had inherited his title and enormous wealth due to his family members’ annihilation.

He was a man with a poor background.

The case of the previous Duke’s death remained a mystery, but the public scandal indicated that Cade was responsible.

This will be a good opportunity for us, even if it’s uncomfortable.

The Emperor had recently established a connection with the Grand Duke, which led the Marquis to set up a scheme and sell off his peerless daughter, Cherryl.

The sale of the building was merely an excuse to preserve the dignity of an aristocrat.

Yet, Duke Blkanov had always responded to them with a blank face all the time, as if he wasn’t interested at all.

When the Marquis tried to give them up, Cade expressed a vague interest in the objects he considered enigmas, such as the building, Cherryl, and some other expectations he had of him.

The couple’s plan hadn’t progressed because Cade was a mysterious man who had never let his feelings known.

They initially planned to hand her over to Count Maxon as soon as possible to pay our heavy family debts off.

What’s going on

Natasha assumed the marriage Marquis and the Grand Duke had arranged didn’t go well.

His Grace must have done something behind their backs.

She never thought he would get her a ring.

An ungrateful glance swept Cherryl up and down.


So what happened to the money her husband had asked the Grand Duke for

When Natasha turned her head to the side, Cherryl held her hands together and stared dreamily into space.

“Oh, I hope His Grace will return to me soon.

My heart is pounding at the thought of getting married.”


“I want to leave for Karlsvik right away.

I want to marry the Grand Duke, leave this dreary mansion and get out of here as soon as possible.”  Cherryl announced with a sincere smile.

The servants seemed excited at this sudden development.

Natasha should congratulate Cherryl on her upcoming marriage to the Grand Duke, but why did it feel like everything was shifting out of focus

Natasha took a step forward with a forced smile.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier about this, Cherryl We should have a cup of tea to talk about it.”

“Can I go to my bedroom now” Cherryl cut her off at once.

“I’m tired of today’s events.

I’m going to take a break and soak in a warm bath.”

“Well, come on! Just have a little chat with me.”

“Lucy, please prepare a bath for me.

Don’t forget the salt and herbs in my lavender bath.

Those are good for relieving fatigue.”

Cherryl rubbed her stiff shoulders lightly.

“You should take care of yourself too, mother.

The Marquis might feel sorry for you because you’re covered in ashes.”

“What What”

“The bedroom is on fire, right The bathroom  attached to it must have been burned.”

Natasha almost burst a blood vessel at her nape after failing to douse her temper from Cherryl’s sarcastic remarks.

However, she couldn’t let her anger out, so she settled with clenching her fists instead.

Cherryl gave orders to the butler regardless.

“There’s another guest room across the Grand Duke’s designated bedroom, right Please make a temporary home for my parents over there.”

“All right, miss.”

“Although my mother’s carelessness had caused the fire to break out, she and my father should stay comfortably in the bedroom on the second floor until their room is restored to its original state.”

Natasha, who Cherryl had suddenly charged with arson, stared at her in horror.

“Why are you blaming me for carelessness when you started the fire yourself” Her stepmother screamed, swinging her fists up and down.

“If it wasn’t, then… Your bedroom caught fire, so I assumed you might have caused it.

Why are you so furious, anyway You’re being suspicious.”  Cherryl’s reply was reluctant as she climbed the stairs.

“Tomorrow will be a long day.

I hope you have a great evening.”

Behind her back, Natasha stomped her feet in anger.

Her revenge was merely child’s play compared to what Natasha had done to her.

This wasn’t over until the Grand Duke returned here.

Cherryl sharpened the blade of revenge as she summoned all of her fighting spirits.

She just wanted Cade to comply with the plan she had set up.


Meanwhile,  three wagons attached to each of their horse terrets stopped at a quiet street in the Capital of Hindel in front of a stone building.

Soon, the door opened, and men of great stature got off one by one, making the carriage look insignificant.

Every time they stepped on the threshold, the wagons would tilt slightly and produce a squeaky sound that he feared might break.

The man, who got off last, smiled mischievously as he watched the wagon with interest.

Schiff, shouldn’t we use that as firewood the day after tomorrow”


Watch your mouth, Axel.

How many times do I tell you we aren’t here to play”

An unusually muscular man called Schiff warned Axel, conscious of the carriage at the front.

The leading carriage carried Marquis Milose and Cade as their carriage followed them.


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