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Chapter 35.1

Meeting Insanity


Translated by boilpoil

Edited by boilpoil


The critical damage being what it is, Zhou Luoluo thinks he’s losing hope in life and is quite possibly going to go off the deep end.

Still, the comic is released when it is.

Cheng Zhaoci himself is not as worried as he is before or in his past life about the praises or complaints laid upon his work.

He’s become numbed now; however, the Zhou brothers are still actual teenagers who would be nervous.

They’ve kept their eyes peeled on the comic’s front page since it was released, worried that the comic would flounder after other insectoids realise the detailing and background colouring work has been delegated.

Clearly, they’ve completely worried themselves over nothing.

The insectoids are, obviously, far more concerned with the plot after noticing that Cheng Zhaoci has released something new.

After watching and mesmerising over the last few panels of the comic, they slowly trudge along to the comment section to ask for more updates.

Oh, and some are also pointing out that it’s all so unrealistic, and there are no shy introverted males like that.

The self-insert fiction is getting a little too strong with this one, etc.

Zhou Luoluo’s response is using his own account to argue with the one who said that.

The argument lasts for quite a while, until finally, that other insectoid clicked into Zhou Luoluo’s profile to see that – Zhou Luoluo is a male.

He disappears without nary a word.

Zhou Luoluo seems proud of his ‘win,’ “tch, no such males exist in real life He thinks he understands males better than me”

He is going to gloat at Cheng Zhaoci and wants him to agree, but then sees that Cheng Zhaoci is holding his chin, all blanking out looking at the strongest shemale in the little zombie comic.

Clearly, he’s thinking about something else from the image.

Zhou Luoluo “” Damn it, he forgot that this guy is still completely awestruck!

“Cheng Zhaoci!” Zhou Xiaobao is perhaps making full use of his vocal cords for the first time, being loud enough to completely spook Cheng Zhaoci awake.

He finally looks away to pay attention to the two other sulking males present, “huh! What! What is it”

“Want to celebrate our very first successful collaboration tomorrow” Zhou Xiaobao asks, not being as pouty as his cousin, for he hasn’t had a shemale or demi strike his fancy, yet.

“Yeah, sure thing!” Cheng Zhaoci happily obliges, “so to get up early tomorrow, let’s go to sleep right now.”

Early night makes for a healthy lifestyle, so his dad wouldn’t have to worry about his health all that time.

Maybe he’ll even see Squadron Leader Wei in his dreams! Yes! Sleep!

Cheng Zhaoci excited giddiness brushing his teeth confuses the Zhou brothers a little.

They cannot understand how one can be so excited about sleep.

Is he planning to have a sleep date or something

In the morning, somewhere in the capital city on the Capital planet, a blond shemale with long, flowy hair blinks and ruffles it, “tch, this disguise is itchy.”

“Shut up.

Remember, a shot a day.

Do you even realise how much risk you’re putting me in just smuggling mister most-wanted-in-the-galaxy onto the Capital” Sun Wushe really feels like giving this dogged blondy that calls himself Jin Yue a good hard kick on his new shiny golden head.

“Yessir! You can expect no trouble from me,” Jin Yue pats himself on the chest, “I’ve never been a burden, now have I”

“So what are you even doing on the Capital planet” Sun Wushe still cannot understand it at all.

The Capital planet is the most dangerous place Jin Yue can go to right now.

He’d get caught in no time if exposed, and if he does end up incarcerated here Nope, no trick he pulls will get him out, ever.

But for some reason, Jin Yue isn’t avoiding this place at all.

He’s actually actively trying to get here.

Jin Yue smoothes out his chequered shirt, which might actually be one of the most bland clothes he’s ever worn, “I can only guarantee it won’t cause you to get into any trouble.

You need not know the rest.”

Actually, Jin Yue is here for the latest weapons tech he heard about, that hasn’t been disseminated off the Capital planet yet.

He’s going to try and get his hands on a weapon or two and see if the men in his command might be able to replicate it.

“Acting all secret spy really doesn’t suit you,” Sun Wushe smirks, before a message comes through on his holodeck, ringing with a notification.

Sun Wushe takes a moment to realise, because, barring one exception, he has all notifications turned off.

Meanwhile, Jin Yue is not letting him live it down, “ah, our professional honcho Sun, still in the mood to get messages right now What, you finally found a little true love on the Capital planet”

“Fuck off,” Sun Wushe executes the kick he’s been building up the whole time, but Jin Yue dodges it with inhuman reflexes.

At the same time, Sun Wushe has already read the message, and raises his brow, “and I actually mean that.

Go play by yourself.

I’ve work to do.”

“Yessir,” Jin Yue tugs on his new golden hair some more – hair that he got planted on his skin, as his original got burnt to smithereens by that bastard Wei Zhuo on that landfill planet, Zhousuo.

The weapons tech isn’t going anywhere, so he’s going to bumble around for a bit first… At least, he needs to find food.


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