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“It was a really scary dream.

Alexid, I’m sure that I really had that dream.”


Alexid shyly reddened his ears, scratched the back of his neck and cleared his throat, “I hate it even now.

Is it because it’s almost near I’m scared.”

Alexid spat out his true feelings.

“I know.

Maybe it’s scarier now,” I agreed.

I turned 18 before I knew it.

As I grew up, my parents were getting older again.

Someday… … will there really be a time when you can let go of your loved one naturally Instead of just letting Nissephor take him

I felt solemn all of a sudden.

Everything would still be the same as then.


This life is more precious.

I was lost once, but now I have recovered.

“You see, my life is at stake.

You know what my goal is, right”

“Why is marriage your goal”Alexid asked, turning his attention to the document.

“It is, right”

“Marriage is not the goal.

My goal is to be happy.” I said, shaking my feet.

The slippers on my feet fell off.

“The weather is cold.”

Alexid, who glanced at me, threw firewood into the fireplace and set them alight with a spark.

The flames, which had been holding their breath, shot up.

“Do you go around like that in this weather” Alexid, who spoke bluntly, closed the window and threw me a blanket.

The blanket hit my head and trickled down.

I turned around with it.

“Give me a good one, a good one!”

As he grumbled, Alexid smirked and looked through the documents again.

Come to think of it, he took good care of me.

I would often see him dozing off in a chair when I woke up with a cold.

And how pretty that was.

His countenance was shining in the sun.

I used to lie on my side and watch him because I didn’t want to get up.

Even if we went out together, he took off his outer clothes when I said I was cold, and carried me on his back when my feet blistered.

It was quite romantic.

“What is it, older brother” I asked when I suddenly saw him frown.

“This guy is definitely not recommended.”

“Why not”

“The rumor surrounding him is dirty.” He replied, “It’s something that you don’t have to know.”

‘I think I know more than you do.

Whatever it is, you peanut.’

“Then put it aside,” I agreed with him.

“Not this one either.”


“I’m close to him.

People don’t play amongst themselves for no reason.”


‘I guess you hear more than I do because you’re the same gender.’

“And neither is this one.”

“What’s the reason”

“I heard that he doesn’t like children.

You said you wanted to have a lot of children and I heard his dream is for his wife to raise all of his children, but that he’s not going to do anything,” Alexid replied.

“Does anyone dream of having that kind of crap Are you only going to look at grown-ups who lose”

“I heard that he was thinking of sending his wife down to her estate when she has a baby.”

“I can’t imagine being with that kind of a son of a dog—-”

“Where did you learn to say that” Alexid glared at me and pulled out the papers.

What are you talking about You’re supposed to learn everything you can in your life.

While Alexid looked at the documents, he sorted out the lists quite carefully.

“Huh You’re going to leave out all of these men” I asked.

“There is only a short list of men left!”

Alexid shrugged his shoulders.

“Should we look overseas”

“Am I going to live without our mom and dad”

“No, you should come and live with us.”

When I raised my finger to protest, Alexid flicked my forehead then pulled the blanket out of the room with him as he said, “Gerald is the best.

You know!”

‘How could he close the door of opportunity on his own sister You were doing well, but then you started talking nonsense at the end! I don’t want to be with Gerald, that’s why I’m doing this, okay!’

* * *

It was late at night when Gerald arrived at the Logan mansion.

It’s about midnight.

Royce and Teilon, who were still awake, heard the sound of Gerald’s arrival and were waiting in the hall.



“You came out early.

I got a call from your grandfather.

Gerald, you’ve been through a lot.”

Royce hugged Gerald and patted him on the back.

“Gerald, can I talk to you” Teilon asked.

“Yes, Father.”

“……I have to go to bed soon.

It’s already midnight.

You must have had a hard time coming, so don’t stay up for too long.”

“All right.”

Teilon nodded.

Royce crossed her arms and stared at her well-grown son and reliable husband.

‘I wish I had a rabbit-like daughter-in-law over there.’ Royce smacked her lips with regret.

Telion, who was so silent and unfriendly, was only looking forward to his rabbit-like daughter-in-law.

It was also a pity that Gerald was the only child because Royce’s body was not too capable and could no longer have children.

So whenever she saw Louella, she was so impressed.

She had always wanted a daughter like Louella.

Royce smiled lightly and moved on.


T/N: Royce can also be spelled as Lois.

All this time, I used ‘his’ thinking that she was Gerald’s father.

*facepalm* It’s hard keeping up with the gender pronouns when translating since the Korean language doesn’t really have gender pronouns.

I mean they have, but the sentence alone can stand on its own without it.

And the author rarely uses them as well.

So most of the time, I just assume and there are times I just leave it there.

We only got to know Gerald’s father’s name as well.

I apologize for the mistake.

I’m still lacking and I rely on Papago a lot.

Still, thank you for reading!


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