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It was the postman.


Noel immediately ran to the door.

Then he took a letter out of his arms.

It must have been the letter Noel had been waiting for.

He hurriedly opened the letter without checking the envelope properly.

The handwriting and the first sentence that were now familiar were rather very pleasing.

‘Dear Dwayne.’


Noel dismissed the butler as well as the postman to leave quickly.

And he stood there and read all the letter contents.

This time, like the first letter, it was very short.

‘To be honest, Father will be very angry with me.

But it’s okay.

One day he will understand my heart.’

……what’s this

Noel looked closely at the other parts of the letter as well.

But for the content, that was all.

He thought he’d be able to figure out the other person just before his father came.

Disappointed, he flopped on the bed.

Someone opened the door again, but he didn’t have the energy to look back, so he stayed still.

The only people who would enter his room without knocking were the butler and Rieta.

“A letter has arrived”

Unsurprisingly, the visitor was Rieta.


“Then why are you so exhausted Any hints”

“None at all.”

Noel sighed and turned around.

“It’s just useless.

Why would I tell my father that”


Rietta picked up the envelope that Noel had properly thrown on the floor.

This time, it was written in pleasant handwriting, not for the Duke, but “Dwayne Mayer.”


But there was something different from usual.

It seemed strange as Rieta stared at the envelope, so Noel got out of bed and looked at it together.

For a long time.

Both children raised their heads at the same time.

The two children, thinking of the same thing, hurriedly ran outside and grabbed the butler from both sides.

And it wasn’t something they promised in advance, but at the same time, they hurriedly shouted the same thing.

“Carriage! Prepare the carriage!”

“If it’s the carriage, I already have it ready at the front door.

Together with the clothes the young master will change into.”

The two were surprised by the butler’s answer, but they couldn’t help but admire his skillfulness.

As they ran to the front door, the servant who was waiting in front of the carriage said, “Excuse me,” and lifted them up.

As soon as they boarded as if they were being transported into the carriage, the door closed immediately.

The children opened a small sliding window connected to the coachman seat.

Surprisingly, today the butler was holding the reins himself.

It seemed as if he was following the two.

Anyway, for now, the priority was to reveal the destination.

“Do you know!”

This time, the two children shouted at the same time.

With a momentum to shove their face through the small sliding window.

Then the butler glanced back and smiled.

“I know.

So, please hurry and change clothes.”

“You know!”

“You must not look down on Mayer’s butler.”

After a relaxed smile, he hurried the horse to speed up little by little.

“No matter how old I am, how can’t I not even recognize the handwriting of the one and only Madam.”


Noel and Rieta looked at each other in surprise.

The butler smiled for a moment as if the children’s expressions were funny.

“Anyway, I will be in a hurry, so please change your clothes, Young Master.

You don’t want the fearsome Sir Jenkins to see you dressed like that, do you”


Noel quickly closed the window and made Rieta also close her eyes.

It was better to go out before the emperor naked than to meet the terrifying Sir Jenkins in his pajamas.

His maternal grandfather is basically kind, but he used to show the image of a strict grandfather when it comes to children’s education.

Noel fastened his shirt buttons well, and wore his socks well on his own without a twist on them.

After tidying up to some extent, he opened the curtains and saw the mail wagon running in front of them.

“There it is!”

When Noel shouted, Rieta also opened her wide eyes and looked out the window.

Rieta opened the window on the coachman’s seat and she screamed loudly.

“There’s the mail wagon over there!”

“I know!”

The butler clenched his teeth and increased the speed of the carriage.

It’s a relief because it’s a road the emperor often travels, so it’s well maintained, otherwise the wheel of the carriage would have already been broken.

The carriage they rode gradually overtook the mail wagon.

The children opened their windows wide and started screaming loudly at the mail wagon.


“You can’t deliver that letter!”

However, perhaps because of the noise of the vehicles, the mail wagon showed no sign of slowing down.

The children stomped their two feet in the wobbly carriage.

“Young Master! Princess! Close the window! It’s dangerous!”

Then, the butler sent a loud warning to the two of them.

Seeing the blushing light on his face, who was always kind and rational, he seemed to be quite excited about the speed race.

Noel and Rieta hurriedly closed the window.


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