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There are 2 lives for all of us … the life we live and the “unlived” life within us.

This blog gives you the tools to show you how to change your life.  We do this by giving detailed, resourceful, and 100% free information on how to change each aspect of your life.  You will see there is nothing to buy and no filler or fluff on this blog.  Just great free information for you to start right now to change your life.

small sunsetWe will show you how to dramatically improve your health, financial situation, romance, time management, stress management, depression, how to lose weight, and how to find real happiness. You will learn how to make permanent, positive changes and we will teach you something we discovered that is not written or talked about anywhere.

If you can relate to any of the following we can help you.   If you are …

  • overweight
  • tired all the time
  • sleep too much or trouble falling asleep
  • depressed
  • can not make a decision to save your life
  • live paycheck-to-paycheck or have to work longer than usual hours to make “ends-meet”
  • your savings account rarely makes it beyond $100
  • you have several thousand dollars in credit card debt
  • you procrastinate on anything and everything
  • romance is all but dead in your relationship
  • never seem to have time for anything you really want to do
  • always feel stressed or anxious
  • you are irritable a lot of the time

If you suffer from any of these things or a combination of them you most likely feel like you are merely surviving and not living the life you really want to live.  You are most likely just going through the motions and letting things dictate your life instead of you choosing how you wanted to live.

Live out of your imagination, not your history.”
—  Stephen Covey”The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we are,
but in what direction we are moving.”
—  Oliver Wendell Holmes

If you have read or bought other self-help books or programs you might be leery about this one as well.  Well, here’s the difference between us and say … Tony Robbins,  John Gray, or Zig Ziglar … our resources are 100% free and we discuss the one thing that you won’t find in any of their programs.  It is this one thing that makes the difference between positive change and just another failure.  We include the best ideas from the best self-help resources out there.  You might be wondering why we are stressing the whole “free” thing.  Well, we still get emails and comments from readers asking what they need to buy.  The answer is you buy nothing.  You don’t need to because all the information you need is right here.

Go ahead and purchase a self-help program for hundreds of dollars and then compare it to this site.  You will find the information is the same.  Spend some time here and look around.  There are so many great resources here that some does inevitably get buried in the site.

We will provide you with the best tips and secrets on money, health, romance, depression, stress management, leisure, and time management.  We even discuss the get rich quick schemes vs. tried-and-true ways to make money.  Most of the self-help programs out there really give enough detail on how to change your life.  They are too philosophical or they only discuss how they changed which may or may not work for you.  Some talk about taking “baby steps” which will work for very few because most people won’t stick with it if the changes they make don’t make an immediate difference in their lives.

Some self-help programs are great in principal, such as Tony Robbin’s Personal Power program, but when we tried it we slipped back into our old ways over a short period of time.  Once you understand why you fail, time after time, you will realize what it takes to make your changes permanent.  Although we break things up into categories we always keep the big picture in mind.  It is the categories that people know and can relate to.  It is the big picture solution though that leads to permanent, positive change.

You might be saying to yourself all this stuff is just like every infomercial I have seen for the past however many years.  Well, we can assure you with certainty that this is different.  We include the best of the best self-help information as well as how to make changes quickly and permanently.   To give a sample of what you will find here we have included a summary of what you will learn:

  • Effectively lose weight and keep it off
             – How to eat to lose weight
             – What diet plans to avoid and which one is by far the
             – How to exercise to lose weight
             – What supplements to take and which ones to avoid
  • Reduce stress & anxiety
             – 21 ways to reduce & relieve stress & anxiety
             – How to reduce stress at work
             – What to do if you are one of those people who
                worries about everything
             – How to overcome indecision
  •  Improve the romance in your life
             – Exciting romance tips to spice up your relationship
             – Tips for couples with children to keep the romance
             – How to have a successful marriage
             – How to create romantic memories you will remember
  •  Make more money and from multiple sources
             – How to increase your current job income    
             – 4 tried-and-true ways to make extra money without a
                lot of extra time
             – One way that is as close to a “get rich quick”
                technique as you will find
             – How to save money with ease
             – How to lower your bills
  •  Increase your energy
             – How to keep your energy levels up the entire day
             – How to stop being tired after eating meals
  • Increase your free time
             – Ways to be more efficient at home
             – Ways to be more efficient at work
             – How to overcome procrastination
  •  Improve your health
             – How to improve your mental & physical health
             – How to be a more positive person
             – The forgotten about way to good health
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